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For those students who are serious about dancing KC Dance Co offers troupe performance classes. This is an audition process, Students have the opportunity to work together as a team, and will find it a great way to learn and improve their stage performance skills. Students will have opportunities to perform in various eisteddfod competitions as well as many community and public events.




Jazz class incorporates a warm up, stretch and technique components, students learn new dance steps and combinations each week, introducing different styles of jazz, funk, commercial, broad way, whilst improving on fitness and coordination. Jazz is one of the most popular fun classes which also helps develop performance and confidence skills.



This class focuses on ground acrobatics using basic gymnastics elements with tumbling work, cartwheels, walkovers etc...


Is a mixture of jazz and funky style moves incorporating pom poms with tricks and floor patterns.




Is a stronger form of dance still using the fundamentals of classical ballet. LYRICAL- Is a step between both classical and jazz with a more softer flowing expressive movement.




Is the latest style of dance that has became increasingly popular for both boys and girls, using isolations and a free style movement this form of dance boasts attitude and a street feel.




This class is aimed to increase the strength and flexibility of the student, incorporating exercises needed to achieve the technical elements, thus enhancing the range of motion of all body parts.






This class is designed to introduce dance to little ones aged 2-4yrs, starting with very basic moves with focus on coordination, memory skills, and most of all having lots of fun.




Is a rhythmical form of dance, wearing metal plated tap shoes, using a variety of tempo’s and musical styles. Students will learn various tap techniques using both freestyle tap and syllabus work.




Classical Ballet is an essential component to assist with all other forms of dance. Ballet encourages correct posture, technique and discipline. It is encouraged that all dancers learn ballet and is a compulsory class  if students are in performance troupe groups.




Musical Theatre is a combination of dance, singing and drama, this genre helps develop acting skills, self confidence and stage presence. In this class students will learn a range of song and dance routines from broadway musicals and stage shows.




Are encouraged but are not compulsory, students are selected for examinations when they reach the standard they need to be. I feel exams hold an importance in the structure of a dancers training, it gives the student a goal to aim for and a sense of achievement when their hard work pays off.

The Ballet, Tap & Jazz syllabus we use at KC Dance Co is F.A.T.D (Federal Association of Teachers of Dance).

This syllabus has been chosen because of its high standard which ensures your child is provided with the best possible training.