For those students who are serious about dancing, KC Dance Co offers troupe performance classes. This is an audition process. Students have the opportunity to work together as a team, and will find it a great way to learn and improve their stage performance skills. Students will have opportunities to perform in various eisteddfod competitions as well as many community and public events.

Students have the opportunity to join the troupe in their age group by invitation by Miss Cherie.

The opportunity is a great way to improve dance skills and grow in confidence.

Being involved in troupe, involves a commitment to weekly troupe classes and participating in troupe dates throughout the year (usually about 6-7 weekend days throughout a year), as well as extra performances at our end of year concert.

Troupe teams perform at eisteddfods / dance competitions locally, in Wollongong, Canberra and sometimes in Sydney. 

They also perform at local events such as the Shoalhaven River Festival, local fairs and Performing Arts Showcases.

Students form strong friendships with their teams, as well as with dancers from all age groups – as they form a strong bond in being together and helping one another.d

Students from ages 5 Р21 participate in our troupe program. Students development in their skills and confidence is in themselves is evident as they progress through the troupe experience.

KC Dance Co boasts high achievements and success in all the competitions they attend. 

If your child is interested in joining troupe, please speak with Miss Cherie directly.